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POI FOR OLDER ADULTS - Get Your Brain Moving! (click to expand)
Sharpen your mental skills while getting some fun exercise at the same time! We'll explore a variety of easy poi movements that will actively increase your physical dexterity and mental acuity. Poi is an art form that uses a set of two hand-held tethered balls that you twirl around your body in beautiful patterns. Simple poi movements will improve your coordination, balance your bi-lateral motor skills, sharpen analytical skills, boost endurance, and enhance self-awareness. Wear comfortable clothing and non-skid shoes. Sets of poi will be provided.

Milwaukee Recreation Dept.
6506 W Warnimont Ave
Milwaukee, WI, 53220

Activity Code: 1RAE3586-BE01
Jun 21 - Jul 26, 2017 

6:30 - 7:30 p.m.


Registration Link:

POI DANCING - Poi Curious? (click to expand)
This is a six week course which teaches students all the fundamental elements of poi movement. The classes focus on technique and understanding how to manipulate the poi effectively so as to create all the basic poi movements. Each of the classes meets for 60 minutes, one time per week. This course provides instruction for the beginner poi dancer. During each class, new concepts will be introduced in the "new move clinic" which are then reinforced during the remainder of the class. The first two classes focus on the fundamentals of poi movement. The next four classes cover the pinwheel, butterfly and weave moves as well as variations of these moves. Practice poi available in class to borrow or purchase.

Milwaukee Recreation Dept.
Beulah Brinton
2555 Bay St.
Milwaukee, WI, 53207

Activity Code: 1RAE3585-BN01
Jun 20 - Aug 1, 2017

8:00 - 9:00 p.m.

Milwaukee Recreation Dept.
6506 W Warnimont Ave
Milwaukee, WI, 53220


Activity Code: 1RAE3585-BE01
Jun 21 - Jul 26, 2017

7:30 - 8:30 p.m.


Registration Link:

POI AND HOOP CLASS (click to expand)
Learn two skills at the same time! In one class, you will get to do hula hooping and spin Poi, too. Get that hoop rotating around you and find out which new hoop tricks are right for you. Then grab a set of Poi and create dazzling geometric patterns around your body with the spinning tethered balls. Both Hooping and Poi blur the lines between exercise, art, and dance. You can do both and get into a new art form that moves your body in a fun, new way. Sets of Poi provided.

Kenwood United Methodist Church
Wesley Hall - Basement
2319 E. Kenwood Blvd.
Milwaukee, WI 53211


Social and Creative Dance
Section: LEC 166
Class #25404

Oct 31 - Dec 14, 2017

11:00 a.m. - 12:20 p.m.

• Community Members without ePanther ID • Becoming a Special Student at UWM is as easy as 1-2-3 via the Internet. You need to be admitted to the University to receive your Campus ID. Once you have a Campus ID and PIN you can register for classes: https://apply.wisconsin.edu and follow the links. If you are unable to apply for admission via the Internet, please call the Office of Undergraduate Admissions at (414) 229-4672.

TEEN POI - Circus Poi for Teens (click to expand)
Intensely tribal, yet sharply modern. The ancient art of poi calls to you… Amaze your friends, tone your body and rock your world. What is poi? You’ve probably been mesmerized by it in films, music videos and during sporting events. Spinning balls at the end of chains create dazzling geometric patterns controlled by you. It blurs the lines between exercise, art, dance, and science; all while you deepen your agility and hypnotize an audience. Energetic classes explore basic yet dynamic poi skills including thrilling maneuvers, using different planes of the body, and artistic expression. It’ll enhance your core, your creativity and your confidence. Best of  all… it’s a blast! Unlock the ancient Maori Warrior inside of you. Ages 12-17.  Free sets of poi to use in class, or take home a set for $5.00.

Milwaukee Recreation Dept.
Hamilton High School
6215 W Warnimont Ave
Milwaukee, WI 53220


Activity Code: 4RCE3510-HA01
Apr 18 - May 23, 2017

7:00 - 8:00 p.m.

Milwaukee Recreation Dept.
South Division High School
1515 W Lapham Blvd
Milwaukee, WI 53204


Activity Code: 4RCE3510-SD01
Apr 20 - May 25, 2017

7:00 - 8:00 p.m.


Registration Link:

POI DANCE FLOW (click to expand)
After you’ve learned the basics, now it’s time to learn how to master them and put them together. If you don’t feel ready to move up to the Intermediate series, this class will be perfect for you. In this 6 week series, we will cover the opposite direction of the moves you feel comfortable with such as Sweeps, Butterflies, Pinwheels, Corkscrews, and Weaves. We’ll then learn how to transition from move to move using bounces, wraps, kicks and stalls. And finally, we’ll focus on putting the moves together and improving any weak spots the students may still be experiencing. More advanced students will also learn new move variations as time permits.

Write to info@youaresphere.com for the upcoming class schedule.

$60.00 for the series
$15 for each Drop In class

INTERMEDIATE 1 POI DANCE (click to expand)
This class is for Poi spinners who know the basic moves and want to learn some new tricks and ways to flow between them. This 4 week course includes the moves listed below, with follow the leader work depending on the skill level of the students. We’ll do 30 minutes learning the new tricks and the next 30 minutes learning how to transition the new tricks into other basic moves you already know.

* Buzzsaws - 4 Directions, all planes
* Thread The Needle
* Sweep Circle
* One-Handed Butterfly
* Chorus Line Kicks
* Horizontal Mexican Wave
* Archer Weave

Write to info@youaresphere.com for the upcoming class schedule.

$40.00 for the series
$15 for each Drop In class

INTERMEDIATE 2 POI DANCE (click to expand)
Intermediate 2 Poi Dance This four week series teaches a new set of intermediate level Poi tricks and ways to get in and out of them. We’ll take some basic moves that you already know and twist them into new tricks by changing their positions around your body. We’ll also learn some brand new moves you’ve never done before and how to transition to and from them.

*Weaves: Over the Head, Behind the Head, Under the Arm
*Side to Side Butterflies
*Organized Chaos
*Glitter Needle
*Under the Legs and Under the Arm moves

Write to info@youaresphere.com for the upcoming class schedule.

$40.00 for the series
$15 for each Drop In class

WALL PLANES AND LOCKOUTS (click to expand)
This six week series of lessons focuses mainly on wall plane moves, a good class for people who are not yet proficient in turning around 360 degrees. You can learn a wide variety of tricks that allow you to face the audience and engage them head on. Wall planes moves are where the poi stay in the same plane with each other. Moves taught include Lockouts of the Weave, Pinwheel, Corkscrew, and Butterfly. Also included are See-Saw Lockouts, Spiral Wraps, Barrel Rolls, CAPS, Advanced Flowers, Stacked Circles, and Back Plane Butterflies.

Write to info@youaresphere.com for the upcoming class schedule.

$60.00 for the series
$15 for each Drop In class

Polyrhythmics are intermediate moves which focus on asymmetrical movement – where one hand is doing more rotations than the other. This is a 4 week series teaching:

* Glitter home weave (2x1 weave)
* Snail (2x1 5 beat weave)
* 2x1 Thread the Needle
* 2x1 Mexican Wave
* 2x1 Low Sweep
* 2x1 Corkscrews
* 2x1 Hip Reels
* 2x1 Pinwheels
* 5 Beat Weave

Students must already know how to do the overhand and underhand weave, and thread the needle, as well as pinwheels and hip reels in multiple directions.

Write to info@youaresphere.com for the upcoming class schedule.

$40.00 for the series
$15 for each Drop In class

BEHIND THE BACK + MULTIBEATS (click to expand)
Behind the Back + MultiBeats are intermediate moves which focus on behind the back and multiple beat moves. This is a 4 week series teaching:

* 5 Beat Weave
* 4 Beat Corkscrew
* 4 Beat Pinwheel
* Grands, Pendulums, Drags
* BTB Weave
* BTB Lockouts
* BTB Stalls
* Waist Wraps
* Crossers
* Flamenco
* Meltdown

Write to info@youaresphere.com for the upcoming class schedule.

$60.00 for the series
$15 for each Drop In class

STALLS AND ISOLATIONS (click to expand)
These are intermediate to advanced moves which focus on working within the back plane, and multiple beat moves. This is a 6 week series teaching:

*Drop Stalls
*Up Stalls
*Jedi Stall
*Mid-Weave Stall
*Pinwheel One Hand Stall
*Over the Shoulder/Under the Arm and Back Plane Stalls
*Isolation variations
*Anti-Gravity Weave

Write to info@youaresphere.com for the upcoming class schedule.

$40.00 for the series
$15 for each Drop In class

TURNS, TRICKS, and FLOW PRACTICE (click to expand)

The Turns class has morphed into a more casual, semi-private instruction series. Here you will have the chance to reinforce specific moves or work on new combinations of moves of your choice. Bring your questions about whatever material you've been working on or want to work on. You'll get a guided practice that's less formal than a class, but more directed than a jam. Turns will still be a part of this series, as I believe it's important to incorporate 360's into your poi dancing. The curriculum is created by YOU so you can sign up for 2, 4, or all 6 classes and come on any of the dates in the series. Choose the best option for you. Signing up for all 6 classes gets you the best price break.

Write to info@youaresphere.com for the upcoming class schedule.

All 6 classes $60.00
Just 4 classes $50.00
Just 2 classes $30
PRIVATE INSTRUCTION (click to expand)
If the posted schedule doesn’t fit yours, or you want classes with different content, you can have private instruction. $30 per hour for one student, offered at my location. $20 per hour for 2 or more students. In special circumstances, I can come to your location (different rate applies depending on distance). To register for classes, please email info@youaresphere.com or call 414-483-6483

FIRE SAFETY CLASS (click to expand)
Learn all you need to know about how to spin fire poi safely and legally, including what to wear, what fuels to use, what your safety person needs to do and why you need one, insurance and permitting so you don't get in trouble with the law.

BurningSNOW Center
2578 N. Weil St.
Milwaukee, WI 53212



Write to info@youaresphere.com for the upcoming class schedule.

Learn how to build an ultra-safe and long-lasting set of fire poi. Limit is 6 people for the Poi Workshop and the cost is for materials only. For an extra $20 I will make you a bag out of special fabric to carry your poi in. It will prevent moist wicks from leaking, dirty wicks from ruining your stuff, and keep your handles free of fuel contamination.
We will spin fire immediately afterward, weather permitting. Wear fire-safe clothing to the workshop if you plan to spin fire.

You must pay for the workshop by April 11. I order the parts based on how many people sign up and I only order enough parts for those people. Parts take about 3 weeks to arrive.

Date: TBA
Time: TBA

Poi Set with Small Wicks + Carrying Bag = $69.00
Poi Set with Standard Wicks + Carrying Bag = $71.00
Poi Set with Small Wicks, no Carrying Bag = $49.00
Poi Set with Standard Wicks, no Carrying Bag = $51.00
BEGINNER STAFF (click to expand)
Twirling or spinning a staff began as Polynesian form of art, war, dance, or signalling – no one really knows! But we do know it has since evolved into a breathtaking form of dance and/or exercise. You can use it for either, but I teach it mostly as a form of dance, and even in this capacity it will still strengthen your body and increase your sense of coordination. So you get the best of both worlds! This 6 class series is structured for the beginner staff student. You’ll learn the fundamentals of staff movement and how to manipulate the staff effectively to create all the basic tricks. You must have your own staff for class. Learn rotors, moving with rotors, closed grip moves, figure '8', variations of figure '8', throws and catches.

$60.00 for the series
$15 for each drop-in class

Write to info@youaresphere.com for the upcoming class schedule.

Every nice Saturday morning, we'll gather under the trees near the Farmer's Market and just have some flow fun! Bring poi, hoop, whatever you like, and jam for as long as you want. MP3 boombox available to play your own music. We'll skip cold or rainy days.

South Shore Farmer's Market
2900 South Shore Drive, Milwaukee, WI 53207


Starting on June 13
9:00 a.m.


*Dates, times, location subject to change
**Ages: 18 years and up

Instructor's Creed
Flow emerges when I relax and open my body, being with things as they are, not as I might want them to be. Generating flow is especially important when I experience discomfort, fear, tightness and closure.
As I teach and am taught, the knowledge flows from me without judgment.
I offer compassion -- to myself and each student.
From this place of supportiveness, I gently guide people towards their objectives as they are ready to move forward.

Why take classes?

Students might want to consider taking classes to:
• share the learning experience with others
• accelerate your learning process
• avoid developing "bad" (ineffective) habits
• get assistance with challenging moves
• find a study group of people at the same level

You Are spHERE classes offer students:
• training in the mindset that will encourage flow, growth, learning and self expression
• access to a teacher who can pinpoint areas of improvement and reduce learning time
• small sized classes so each student gets personalized attention
• techniques, drills, practices and sequential learning which reduces frustration and makes the learning curve enjoyable
• a fun, friendly, supportive community where people are encouraged to find their own unique expression of Self
• poi dancing, rather than poi spinning. We focus on getting you to have fun dancing with poi instead of just standing there learning trick after trick.

Benefits of Poi
• Increases self esteem
• Elevates self awareness
• Develops muscle tone
• Strengthens cardiovascular health
• Enhances body awareness
• Boosts endurance
• Encourages creativity
• Sharpens analytical skills
• Promotes positive attitude
• Cultivates patience and persistence
• Reduces stress
• Decreases the risk of heart disease
• Improves coordination
• Balances bi-lateral motor skills

Flowology Mindset™ Our Invitation At You Are spHERE, we invite you to adopt the Temple of Poi Flowology Mindset™. If you're uncertain it is right for you, we encourage you to try it for a limited period and then, if you don't like it, don't use it. A 6 week trial commitment provides the data necessary to draw conclusions regarding this mindset. During this trial, embrace the mindset rigorously in your practice. Our mindset asks you the practitioners, to the best of your ability (which by the nature of learning will improve over time), to incorporate the three principles outlined below in your flow practice. Should you realize the invaluable gifts created in your flow practice through this mindset, we encourage your enthusiastic inclusion of these principles throughout your life and invite you to share the mindset with other's who are willing to try it.

3 Principles of the Temple of Poi Flowology™ Mindset
Principle I: Leave your judgment outside the door.
Principle II: Choose your language consciously, reflecting a positive attitude.
Principle III: Utilize Self-to-Self comparisons instead of comparing yourself to others.
For a full explanation of the Flowology Mindset and more information about ToP, please click here:Temple of Poi Blog